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Welcome to Oral Sedation Seminars

The fear and anxiety experienced by millions of Americans
receiving dental care is a well-documented reality.

In fact, approximately 30% of the American population needs
some form of anxiolysis or sedation to receive dental care
and only 60% of these people do well with nitrous oxide sedation alone.

This means that 34 million fearful patients are currently avoiding
routine and necessary dental visits*.

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Minimal Oral Sedation

Two-Day Course

    This course is designed to teach you how to take the stress out of dentistry, thereby allowing you and your staff to provide optimal dental care, and expand your practice through quality referrals from patients you can be confident would not otherwise have been treated.

Day 1

    Educational Objectives:
  • Discuss the principles of patient assessment and monitoring
  • Understand the clinical useful pharmacology of sedative choices
  • Learn how to match the right drug at the right dose to the right patient and the right procedure
  • Describe the characteristics of the ideal sedatives for in-office use and give examples
  • Understand the equipment required to monitor your patients safely
  • Master the art of anxiolysis and plan for the perfect appointment
  • The lecture portions of this seminar will be augmented with practical components to include Bag-Mask-Valve (BMV) breathing and a review of nitrous oxide machines, including monitoring equipment

Day 2

    Educational Objectives:
  • Understand how to avoid or manage potential drug interactions
  • Recognize potential herbal and drug interactions that can affect dentistry
  • Know the medications you need to have in your emergency kit and how to use them
  • Describe the characteristics of the ideal sedatives for in-office use and give examples
  • Achieve optimal patient care through appropriate prescribing (especially for patients with cardiac issues and patients with bleeding risks)
  • Describe the other tools you should have to ensure a safe treatment environment

Better Medicine. Better Dentistry.

Meet the Faculty

Our internationally-renowned expert faculty has known each other and been teaching together for many years. We provide the highest quality AGD PACE accredited dental continuing education available and we create an atmosphere where you will enjoy learning. Our faculty specializes in adult learning by utilizing a multimedia approach which enhances knowledge and retention.

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Minimal Oral Sedation



2-Day Course

16 CE Hours



June 3-4, 2023



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